Saturday, December 7, 2013


Elf Night 2013 (the first Friday in December and another great family tradition)

If you don't know what elf night is, let me tell you! The first Friday in December, you have the kids write a letter to Santa Claus. The elves come during the night to take the letter to Santa and leave them a little something special. Once the letter has been deliver to Santa, it is entered into his computer and their requests cannot be changed because it's already in the process of being ordered and delivered for the special day.

We watched the movie Elf and had the kids write letters to Santa! Kate asked for a giant stuffed panda. Dawson asked for a couple of books and some DS games. Faith asked for a couple of Harry Potter shirts or Percy Jackson shirts along with a LONG list of books!

The elves decided to leave the kids ornaments this year (which is going to become another tradition.)

Kate's ornament - Dr. Seuss One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
This one was selected because Kate has been learning to read this year! She is such a great little reader and good student!

Dawson's ornament - Minecraft

Dawson's reaction was truly the best this year! He was SO disappointed when he received his ornament. Brandon asked him why. He said, "Because I like other things besides Minecraft! Like piano, games, and pasta!" Brandon joked about how we could cook up some spaghetti and putting it on the Christmas tree. I do not think that he was impressed, but we are definitely going to have to step up our game next year to find a 'better' ornament for this kiddo. Did I mention that he was playing Minecraft the whole night before???

Faith's ornament - Dr. Who Tardis

I think that she was totally impressed! I was too! (Thank you Etsy!)

We love this tradition and look forward to celebrating every year. 

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