Thursday, December 26, 2013



This is the first time in 14 years, the kids they all woke up on their own and had to wake us up and out of bed. I know, THAT is a Christmas miracle!

I know you're all dying to know ... What did Santa bring?

Faith received a Slytherin hoodie, Harry Potter T shirt, and the Divergent series

Dawson received a new DS game and the 2nd book of the Seven Wonders series

Kate received her giant stuffed panda, just like she asked for!!! 

Santa brought Dad a brand new garage door opener (I'll post pictures when it gets installed)

Santa brought Mom a coupon to buy black boots!

Gift of need - snow boots and Sunday shoes 

Dad received new church socks by request.
Mom received a tracker device for her phone, purse, or keys. I can now page any of them (since I loose them so much!!! Too bad there is not a page for my debit card!)

Gift of want
No pictures, but books for Faith (Lord of the Rings and kindle books), books for Dawson (Septimus Heap book series), and a unicorn dreamlite for Kate 

For Dad - a new shirt

Gift of love - 
Vinyl boards for the kids and Brandon
(Thank you Natalie for cutting these and Katie for helping me antique Brandon's and sand them! 
I think they turned out adorable!)

Brandon totally surprised me with a Queen sized chevron quilt made by one of the bestest friends in the world - Jenny! She did a great job! I love it Jenny!!! 

Siblings gifts - Faith a fuzzy fur snow hat, Dawson & Kate received the fuzziest blankets

From the kids to Dad:
This one is from Faith 

From Dawson

From Kate

Mom received a brand new deluxe paper cutter that I am so excited about! I really can't wait to try it out!

Thank you Utah Jolleys for the cute hats! (Dawson likes to keep it over his eyes... silly boy) 

Selfie from our teenager 

We hope your day found you as spoiled as we were this year! Love you all!

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