Friday, December 27, 2013


My dad really wanted a unicycle for Christmas. After talking to a friend, he decided on one and went hunting. He found one on Craig's list ... and Robyn got the Atkinsons and our family to go in on this. Not only for Christmas, but for his birthday as well.

I have to tell you that my Dad's birthday is right after Christmas on the 28th (along with Colt's). It's always a shame to combine gifts, but he really, really wanted it. So we did it! Robyn had it shipped to their house.

Imagine our surprise (without any coaching from Robyn) when the package arrived at the Jensens with this written on the box.

And finally, No Peeking till Christmas on the other side!

Here he is opening his present. The video is SO, SO blurry, but it's still fun to hear him!!!

Here is it all put together!

Dad's friend says that it takes about 15 hours before you really get the hang of it. Brian (Tracy's husband) said, it's a good thing that Cindy's knee is better. We're ready for your surgery!!!

So far he has practiced for about an hour! Here's hoping that we don't have any major surgeries for 2014!

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