Sunday, December 1, 2013


Thanksgiving was extra special this year! Britney and Erin were married in April, so we decided to make the trip down to Utah so that we could all be together! Erin had to work all day, so he missed the actual dinner.

Amy did such a great job coordinating everything! I brought traditional Blessing Mix (which I also left with the Jensens as well.)

She had us write 4 things that we are most thankful for. Then we did a quick switcheroo and had to guess whose card we had. It was a really fun game! The funniest part was when we heard Dawson's card. It had bacon on it (he's on team bacon). And then it said, "Fancy people." He said he was thankful for fancy people so that they could show us how to be fancy (like when we were drinking out of champagne glasses.) We all had a wonderful laugh.

Of course, most of us were thankful for our family, friends, our homes, testimonies, and the gospel.

And then we ate the most wonderful Thanksgiving dinner in my memory! Turkey was perfect; gravy was delicious; mash potatoes were creamy; rainbow jello was dreamy; rolls were fantastic! There was no fighting at the table; just pleasant conversation with family. The only thing we were missing was Jerry and Erin.

After a quick afternoon nap, we took some Thanksgiving prop pictures. It was really quite entertaining!!! Thanks Amy for the great idea!

Grandma and Jony!

Amy also had a basket of activities for the kids to do while we were finishing dinner and then also cleaning.

Then the Jolleys took us on one of the trails that they love about Farmington. I have to admit that this town is really quaint and beautiful! 

The princess chair

The hallowed out tree

The younger boys chose to stay back, but this was just TOO cool!!! I'm going to insist that they come next time!

Kissing for the camera on a selfie

And then, on a whim, we decided to stay one more day. I went shopping with Amy and Britney and got a couple things checked off of the Christmas list! (We also did a great deal of shopping on Amazon!!!) Brandon and the kids stayed home and played! Brandon got them all playing Plants vs. Zombies, including Grandma Kathy. We drove back to Poky on Friday afternoon.

Saturday, we went to the movies for Frozen! Kate always loves her pictures, so we took a quick selfie before the movie. It was SO good! A must see if you have children!

So grateful for many, many things this year! Our family has been healthy and safe, and we are so blessed to be able to live in a great ward. We are grateful for the Savior and the sacrifice that he made for each of us! We hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Love the Jolleys!

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