Monday, August 10, 2015


I love parades and small towns and fun stuff! That's why I love Chubbuck Days! I love that our community works hard to create that sense of belonging and what we love. Yes, we pay a little extra in taxes, water, etc. but I think it's totally worth it.

Again, I did not have all of our helpers for the parade or the event at Cotant Park (which is so much fun by the way.) This year, the rain also avoiding the parade too!!!

We sat in front of this little one's house!

Ann and myself! We were picking up so much candy that it was hard to watch the floats... and pick up candy!

These 2 cute girls!!!

Candy anyone?
We should have weighed it, cause Sophie's family did... Yeah! Over 17 POUNDS of candy!

Picture with a princess 

Kate also convinced me that she should have face painting (it kind of cost a little bit), but I was swayed. After all, it is Chubbuck Days and was so much fun! She did a great job!

Finally, we went and made a tool box at the home depot station... Kate did an awesome job!

And at home, we had to take just one more picture!

I am so glad that I have some one to share all of these fun moments with! She is definitely the most social one and is someone that I need!!!

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