Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Each year, Amy (aka, the best sister in law in the world) does a sister lunch where her sister, sister in laws, and best friends come for lunch and a good time visiting. I love being able to catch up with them, even though I don't know all of the inside jokes or anything like that! It's so much fun!

Ann, Lori, Amy, Angie, & me!

Amy also made a gorgeous glass plate up in Boise that we pass around. The plate has become the traveling sister's plate!!! It gets passed around to neighbors, brought to Relief Society and more. This year, I have the chance of having this fabulous plate. Ann and I agreed that we are both afraid to break it though!!! I can't wait to share with others this artwork and the meaning of sisters. I know that I have many sisters. 

Thank you Amy for this great tradition! I love it and am so glad that we are sisters!!! Hugs!

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