Sunday, August 30, 2015


I was a little giddy thinking about Highland Football this year! This year, Connor is a senior. Watching the games when you know the people is just so different and a lot more fun! Also, this is Faith's first year in high school, so I have wanted her to get involved and enjoy her high school experience for all its worth!

This first game was the Rocky Mountain Rumble, an invitational to other schools to come before the season actually starts. Highland played the Caveman - American Fork High School. It was a tight game!!!

Jordan and Kate showing me who they are cheering for! Connor is #6!!!

Kate and mom

They have matching shirts that we had made!!! Kate has sparkles. All of them have #6 on the back!!!
Jordan didn't want to smile, so we had a retake!

Half time was 14-14. A tie. It was so close the whole time, but the rams pulled out the win - 28-21! Go Highland!!! Can't wait for the next games and the opportunity that we have to support Connor and visit with family!

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