Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Carroll suggested that we set up a family night in the silks. I was sneaky and set it up without telling the kids (I did end up telling Brandon.) Brandon had already done the silks and was really excited about taking the whole family. We loaded up in workout clothes and drove to Carroll's studio. Faith guessed where we were going, but not what we were doing.

Once inside, they were all so pumped about it! Faith even said that this crossed something off of her bucket list. I love those! They are so much fun! We did lots of moves as well as talked. The whole family loved it! Thank you Carroll for the suggestion! Love you and your talent!

Here are a couple of pictures that I managed to take while doing silks too!

This is Brandon's favorite! So much fun to just relax in these!

Kate wanted to talk the whole time and tell us all about it! Once we learn a flip to get into the silks, she kept hopping out so that she could do it again. It was so cute!

 Showing what she thought about this family activity

He is having so much fun! He wanted to do his thing instead of listening to instructions! So Dawson!!!

Just like Dad, he loved this position!

The ninja! Performed by Kate

The ninja! Performed by Faith

Ending our night sharing love! The two kiddlets sharing a silk and really loving it!

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