Saturday, August 22, 2015


All summer we have been trying to go on a mini vacation. But nothing was working out. About midway through the summer, we received a Modern Woodmen postcard letting us know about the Lagoon trip where they discount the tickets quite a bit. I'm not exactly sure what we were thinking, but it was close to home, discounted, and our family had never been before. So we committed!

Then, a couple weeks before, we got the idea to invite Moana Fa'aga'i and her husband James. Kate affectionately calls them the Fa'aga'i's. I told James he better change his last name! So we met up Friday morning and had a blast!

Amy, Andrew, and Johnny came with us to get us started! It was great and they were professional tour guides! We loved visiting with them for a minute and were grateful that they were able to start us off on the right foot!


Moana and James

the rest of the fam waiting in line at Cannibal

Dawson was so displeased that Kate was going on Cannibal. And everyone else for that matter. He basically said that it was the wrong choice. We made our way out to wait for them and he posed in an elephant pose here!

What he really wanted to do was bumper cars! Oh how I love this kid!

James & Faith

This baby ride was a fun little hit! Haha!

Our 2nd to last ride was the classic!

Modern Woodmen of America served us pizza and brownies which was great! We had hoped to catch up with our representative, Bob, but he ended up having a funeral to go to. It was still so great! I wish that I would have been able to take some pictures on the rides and such, but that is a tricky endeavor and I wasn't willing to risk my phone! Haha!

Here are everyone's favorite rides:
Dad: Cannibal, Spider, Bat
Mom: Bat, Turn of the Century, Odysea
Faith: Bat, Cannibal, Tidal Wave, Turn of the Century)
Dawson: Bombora Beach, Bumper cars, Dragon, Bat
Kate: Turn of the Century, Cannibal, Dragon

As we were leaving, Mo had us take a picture together and I'm so glad that she did!

After Lagoon, we took out everyone to Famous Dave's. It's changed over the years, and I'm not sure that I am loving it as much as I used to! Still great food and a great time visiting and loving every moment of it. James knocked over his water and they thought it was Dawson. The waitress told him that he shouldn't blame his little brother! Haha!

So lucky for great friendship and for an awesome mini vacation!!! We will definitely do it again!

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