Sunday, September 9, 2012


The next day, Brandon and I headed to an early breakfast (you had to be out of your room by 8:00 am). We were able to reconnect again with our ziplining friends and enjoyed time with Amy & Justin as well as Kathy & Jerry.  We disembarked the ship at about 9:15 and headed to the airport to get lunch and just hang out for several hours before our flights left!  We met up with Amy & Justin and played cards for a bit as well.

The flight was uneventful and unfortunately, we did not have Singing Sally on this flight.  All flights from this point forth will pale in comparison I'm afraid. I did browse on of the magazines on the flight that had information about Historic Banning Mills where there is the world's largest ziplining course.  I was ready to sign up right then and there.

Britney brought Grandma's car to the airport and after a quick stop to drop off Jerry to pick up a truck, we were headed back to Pocatello to reunite with our sweet, darling, adorable children!  Oh how we missed them!  Home sweet home!  My parents delivered our children to our house.  They were pretty exhausted.

We are so sad that this cruise ended but also grateful to have had an opportunity to grow closer as a family and to make more memories together.  So much better than gifts I think!  We love you so much Amy, Justin, Kathy, and Jerry!  Thank you for spending time with us and helping us to enjoy Alaska!  It wouldn't have been the same without you!!!

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