Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Juneau was my most favorite stop that we made during our beautiful cruise!

We woke up early, headed to breakfast, and then to the Photography at Sea for tips about using our camera.  I have been wanting to take photography classes.  We have pretty nice camera and I wish I knew more!  It was an okay class - standing room only.

We grabbed a quick snack and went to exit the ship.  Imagine our surprise when there was a LINE to get out of the ship!  They were making everyone take pictures with mascot people.  I was so stressed out.  We couldn't find out group for ziplining either.  It was just SO crazy!

Here are a couple of pictures of Juneau from the dock.  We were surprised to see that it really looked foggy and mysterious.

If you enlarge the next 2 pictures, you'll be able to see the track that brings you to the top of the mountain.  Scray, huh?

Getting ready and suited up for ziplining!

It was wet and drizzly the whole day.  We were pretty wet for sure!

Here's a taste of what the views looked like.  It was about 150 feet down with beautiful canyons and everything!  You had to have been there to see it in person! 

One of Brandon's zips!

I learned from our Caribbean cruise that I would need to have evidence that I would do something that I would not normally do next time for my friends and family.  SO, here is the proof!

Long suspension bridge

Last platform that you repelled off

  This was an awesome group of 9 and we LOVED every minute of it!
A guy, Duncan, Denean, DeLeon, Tamara, Pam (I think), Pam' husband, me and Brandon!

We bought a souvenir hoodie which is awesome and a great reminder that we had an amazing, unforgettable day!

Have you heard of Tracy's King Crab Shack?  It is quite renown, so we were quite surprised when we found it and realized that it is what it says it is.  A shack!

After a long tiring day, Brandon sure enjoyed his crabs! 

This was probably my favorite stop.  After experiencing such a thrill, nothing could beat ziplining!!!

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