Sunday, September 30, 2012


All of my children are Harry Potter fanatics, so when Dawson's birthday was approaching, I wasn't surprised when he asked to do a Harry Potter birthday party!!!

We found all of our ideas online, using one idea here and another here.  Inspiration also came from our good friend in Kansas, Ang Warth!  She is one that I never want to compete with, so knowing that she has done a Potter Party before was a little intimidating!!!

We sent out the invitations which were 5x7.  (If I do this again, I will definitely just type up a letter, because you can include other information, like a password, and also that Platform 9 3/4 is disguised as a muggle house.)

We started by watching a little bit of the first movie, The Sorcerer's Stone (Dawson's favorite).  Welcomed them to Hogwarts and had them take a sorting hat quiz.  We found scarves at the Dollar Tree to use to sort them into houses. 

 Kade - Griffindor

Dawson kept saying, "Not Ravenclaw ... not Ravenclaw!"

Dawson - Ravenclaw

Kate - Hufflepuff
Faith - Ravenclaw Head

Drinking Felix Felicis (pop rocks in water) before starting the class schedule.  Dawson wasn't a fan.
I taught Divination class as Professor Trelawney.  We first looked through a couple of pictures of black and white abstract art where I instructed them to tell me what they saw.  Then we tried to write a secret message in lemon juice where we would do a charm to make the ink appear.  It didn't work so well...

Our fortune telling
Dawson's fortune:
You will fall in love with a Centaur and move to a tree house in the Forbidden Forest.

Kade's fortune:
Watch for an Owl from someone in this school who has a crush on you.

Kate's fortune:
 The Weasley brothers will hire you to test their new joke shop products. You will never be the same!
Faith (Professor Atlanta) taught Transfiguration (who am I? game) as well as charms where the kids got glow in the dark sticks to use as wands.

Potions class taught by Professor Snape (Brandon) 
We used Dragon's blood (cabbage water) at first which was purple and then added dragon's sweat (lemon juice) to it to make it red.  Then added magic powder (baking soda) to change it back to purple with foam.  And then added poison water (vinegar) to make it over flow.  So much fun!
Kate loving this class

The end result

Kade's working on a 2nd try!

Next experiment was using magic powder (cornstartch) and water to make swamp water I believe.  This one was not nearly as fun, so next time, we would do this first. 
For the finale, we did Phoenix urine (diet coke) and owl pellets (mentos) as shown here.

Our party guests:
Professor Atlanta (aka Faith) 
I love this new face by the way!  And Brandon thinks she is looking like Cameron Diaz...
the Birthday Boy - Dawson
Our treat table

Dawson with a golden snitch

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