Saturday, September 1, 2012


We had been planning this trip since December of 2009 I believe. What is something that we could get Mom and Dad (Kathy and Jerry) that would be meaningful? And then it came to Amy, Justin, Brandon, and I (not sure who exactly came up with the idea; but it was brilliant!) Jerry has always wanted to go to Alaska. Kathy wants to travel. Why not a cruise to Alaska in a couple years?

We could put money aside for every birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, etc. The idea became an instant hit that we would create a memory instead of wrapping one.

Fast forward years later and here we were in Salt Lake City airport boarding a flight. I didn't realize that Kathy hadn't flown much. And by much, I mean she had done it one other time. I should have 'captured the moment.' She was NERVOUS! The flight was awesome! We had Singing Sally as our flight attendant. She sang over the intercom system when we got the signal to take off and when we arrived in Seattle-Tacoma airport. I never got around to sending Southwest a message, but I TRULY love flying Southwest!

We got settled in the hotel and then made a run to downtown Seattle for the iconic Space Needle, which happened to have a 50th birthday that year!

From the ground

The picture of all 6 of us!!!

Once we arrived upstairs, we were surprised with a view of Mt. Rainer.  It has to be a pretty clear day to see it (not to mention not raining!) and we were lucky!

The other beautiful views from up in the sky

Amy and Justin

My honey

Our tickets

The blown glass next to the Space Needle.  It was awesome and I wish that we could have gone there too!

Walking around downtown Seattle, we saw the Honey Bucket which totally brought back wonderful memories of Ragnar 2011 and Ang Warth.

After touring a little, we went back to the hotel and ate a very nice dinner there.  Thank you Jerry and Kathy for spoiling us in Seattle!

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