Sunday, September 2, 2012


A couple of years back, my sister Robyn told me about how her school district in Boise/Nampa area did a traditional Yahoo/Boo-Hoo Breakfast.  This was for all kindergartens and their parents.  The title represented the 2 most common emotions that the parents may feel on that first day of kindergarten.

I have to say that I am traditionally a Yahoo! mom.  School gives so much to look forward to.   Your family starts a schedule/routine.  This makes life predictable and children much happier.  Everyone works harder to do chores, complete their homework, and practice piano.  Yes, there is much to celebrate! 

This year, however, I was conflicted.  I couldn't wait to send them to school where they would learn and grow independently of mom and dad.  But, it also meant that I would miss my baby's first day of kindergarten while traveling.  Add to that my niece's baptism and Dawson's birthday ... there was a lot of missing that would take place.  And there are no do-overs in life... and I just did NOT want to miss it all.

SO, I thought to myself, what if I put together a "Yahoo/Boo-Hoo Breakfast" for neighbors and friends?  I set in motion to secure a location (Geraldine's), typed an event on Facebook and tada!  Event planned.

I was only expecting about 2-3 people, so I was pleasantly surprised to see so many friends and neighbors join me for a cinnamon roll that morning.  And truth be told, I did feel both emotions that day! 

In all the hast of that morning and the anxiety of leaving, I did forget one thing.  My camera!!!  But, I may be able to make amends, as I plan to carry out this tradition once again.  Next year, I hope you will join me friends and neighbors for breakfast AND a few pictures.  ;)  Thank you for making this day memorable!!!

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