Saturday, September 10, 2011


When I first asked Dawson about being baptized, he answered a very honest, "I don't know if I'm ready for that." I knew that this was not something that I could push him to do, rather just encourage him. So, about a month before the baptism, I suggested that he invite the Beauchat's to the baptism. He said, "Oh yeah!" and then invited them. I told him that he needed to let them know when it was. And he said, "It's September 10th." YES!!!

Dawson's Baptism Invitations

Dawson was a little nervous about being baptized. On Monday night for family home evening, we had a great discussion about the importance of being baptized, answered many of his questions, and practiced how he would plug his nose, etc. It went great and I think that he felt much better about everything after the night was over.

Typical family pictures!

His baptism biography that we did for him.
Dawson Michael Jolley was born September 7th, 2003 to Brandon and Zoey. His early arrival surprised his parents and delighted Grandpa Jerry on his birthday. He is very protective of his two sisters, Faith and Kate. Dawson is charming, witty, and unique. The things he says often become “Dawsonisms” at our house. One example is, “When I am parent sized …” Dawson loves to watch Pokemon shows, play games on dad’s phone, feed the chickens, and play with friends. At Chubbuck Elementary, he enjoys lunch and recess. Dawson’s favorite primary song is “Nephi’s Courage.” He likes to come to church to read scriptures and take a nap. Dawson would like to be a master of Spinjitzu when he grows up. We are very proud of him for making the choice to be baptized!

Dawson and Brandon both did great! Grandpa Kelly and Brother Bobby Garvin (from our Bishopric) were the 2 witnesses and also the ones to help give Dawson the Holy Ghost. Dawson gasped when he came up from the water. Later, we learned that he kept his eyes open to see what it was like in the font water. Silly boy! At the beginning of the confirmation, Brandon could not remember the words ... just the words of other blessings. But everything went wonderful.

After the baptism, our family and friends gathered at my parent's house (it has the most room) for a quick luncheon. We had sandwiches, jello salad, green salad, chips, and cinnamon rolls. (Thank you Wal-Mart for the sandwiches and Amy & Brenna Johnson for the amazing dessert!!!)

It was a bitter sweet day that we will always remember. Wonderful and very sweet for the covenant that Dawson made with his Heavenly Father. And a bit sad because we were missing so many of our family and friends that we love so much.

Congratulations Dawson! Always remember who you are!

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