Friday, September 9, 2011


More than anything, Dawson wanted a Ninjago birthday party. 3 children on our street all have the same birthday; so for that reason, we often combine birthday parties so that the kids in our neighborhood don't have to 'choose.' This year, we were with Bryleigh. Don't worry, she loves ninjas too!


We started off with Sensei Brandon teaching the kids some basic moves.


Faith & Kristen tired already!

Then we were able to have the kids play 4 different games.

Sword fighting with noodles.
Kate & Winnie

June & Cy

Kristen & Faith

McKenzie & Madison

Dawson & Rhiannon


Build a Dojo house relay race.

Ninja Star throwing contest.

Throw and Kick practice.

Next, we opened awesome presents.

Sang happy birthday to blow out candles (with a dragon cake that was not up to the mom's standards)

And don't forget the awesome desserts!

Thanks Anya and Bryleigh (and Grace and Tyler) for letting us share a party.

Thank you Kendra for being our photographer. You successful took 204 pictures that night. Wowzers! It was so much fun! We are so grateful for good friends!

We also took a couple of other pictures of opening presents at the Jensens!  Dawson was definitely spoiled this year!

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