Friday, September 2, 2011


This was Faith's first assignment in Fifth Grade.

Following Directions

*Read directions 1-20 completely before beginning*

1. Write your name in the upper left hand corner of this paper.
2. Recite the ABC's out loud.
3. Write your favorite color in the lower right hand corner.
4. Walk around your desk three times clockwise.
5. Write down the number of people in your family.
6. Stand up and touch your toes five times.
7. Count backwards from ten out loud.
8. Write the product of 60x70.
9. Write your favorite food.
10. Go look out the window of the door to your room.
11. Recite "Mary Had a Little Lamb" out loud.
12. Say the ten times tables to yourself.
13. Look under your desk and see if there is any gum.
14. Write your first grade teacher's name.
15. Write your best friend's name.
16. Stand up and say out loud, "I have reached number sixteen!"
17. Write what time it is now.
18. Stand up and say your full name.
19. Put an x in front of direction number nineteen.
20. Ignore directions 1-19, write your name in the upper right hand corner, and enjoy watching those who didn't follow directions.

Out of 25 students, 2 did this assignment correctly! How did you do?

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