Thursday, September 1, 2011


Today is the first day of school for 2011!!!

My sister's Robyn's kids started last week and she told me about a fun breakfast that they have for kindergarteners and their parents. It is called 'The Yahoo Boo-hoo Breakfast.' I was a bit confused for a moment ... she explained that some parents were saying "Yahoo!" and other parents were crying "Boo-hoo"! I thought that this was SO much fun!

This year, Dawson was easy to get up and moving, while Faith took more prodding. We made blue pancakes in the letter C for Chubbuck Elementary. Next year will be more complicated since Faith will start middle school - ugh!

Faith's C

Dawson's C

He loves getting his picture taken so early in the morning!

Traditional picture by the tree

Dawson measured in at 47 inches with his shoes on!

Faith measured in at 58 1/2 inches without shoes!
This could mean a pretty big milestone if she keeps growing like she has been!

I am probably more excited than they are, but I know that it's going to be a great year! I hope that they feel the excitement of learning something new!

I put a fun free printable on their cookies for lunch that said, "You're one smart cookie! Enjoy your first day of school!" I also found some fun school jokes that I will add in their lunches next week. For some of these and more, stop by How Does She.

The kids let me walk them to the bus stop! I am making cookies for the kids getting off the bus stop too ... I just can't help shouting out a little "Yahoo" today!!!

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