Saturday, September 17, 2011


I believe it was in April when Anya, Sara, and I decided that we would run the Simplot Run together. Sara and I volunteered at the Joint Jaunt at a watering station, so that we would be able to get a free run for Simplot.

In July, we found out that Sara and her family were moving, so we would not be able to make this run together. But we still wanted to do it.

Then came August and the beginning of September. Motivation to train was low, and I neglected it. So, with 1 practice run on Tuesday, I went to do this one . . .

Grace slept through it all!

Bryleigh did amazing and Anya kicked my butt (no surprises there!)

The only thing that was missing was Sara

On a brief highlight, for a small moment I came in 3rd in the 10K run and Anya came in 1st in the 5K walk. I finished in 29th place out of 49 in my age group - at a time of 37:38 ... breaking it down to 12:06 minute miles. Add in a few hilly parts and the fact that I was not training, I feel like I did pretty good ...

But I stilled missed Sara!

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