Saturday, May 12, 2012


Day 3 was Sara's actual birthday.  We decided that we were going to go shopping and buy a clock to be hung over the fireplace.  I put together a basket that had 30 blow pops in it.  It said, "30 sucks ... 30 blows!  Happy birthday Sara!"

Nicole (Sara's friend) brought over 2 cinnamon rolls for her birthday.  Sara had been craving something like Geraldines, but had yet to find a place.  I think that this one is noteworthy though.  Very good!  I think it was called Tom's Old Fashion Bakery (or something like that.)

Will and Sara in their living room.Will was making a list for what he needed to get for the dinner and everything.

For 2 girls that don't hardly ever shop or spend money, we really didn't have a problem on Friday.  We were able to find a clock, and leaf iron design for the wall, some really cute pillows (you'll see in another picture with the kids), an attitude sign, and then several items of clothing for her.  I found a shirt for me and my sister too.

While we were out, Will decorated the house with black streamers and black balloons.  Here he is, excited to light up the cake.

They invited the Dalleys, the Dyes, and Lori Stomberg over for birthday cake.  Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of them or of the beautiful flowers that Audrey brought for Sara.

A little bright, don't you think???

It was a very fun night!  Happy 30th Sara!  I hope that this year is amazing for you!

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