Thursday, May 10, 2012


At 5:00 am, I started getting ready and finish packing. Really, the whole night, I didn't sleep very well. Today was the day of the surprise. Got on the shuttle to SLC at 6:25. Arrived at the airport just after 9:00 am and then waited for the first flight (SLC to Albuquerque, NM) at 12:05 pm. Arrived in Albuquerque airport at 1:15 and started the long wait to the 8:25 flight ... which slowly turned into the 8:50 flight. But we didn't leave until about 9:15 pm. Then with the time change, we landed about 11:05.

Will waited inside the airport and I was SO excited to see him and to do the surprise.

 Sara fell asleep, so we were super quiet going into the house. I rubbed her arm gently and whispered in her ear "Happy Birthday!" She just looked at me wondering if it was a dream. She hugged me a minute later. It was the kind of hug where you are both shaking because you are crying tears of joy. It felt SO good to hug such a good friend.

That night, it just rained and rained. In this part of the country, they REALLY need the rain, so it was a welcome surprise. I was just truly grateful it wasn't 103 degree (which is was 3 days straight a few days before i flew out.)

Here is the view from their driveway:

Another part of this surprise was that I had arranged to bring Sara to the Lubbock temple. This is a smaller temple, so you can't rent clothing. There are only about 8 sessions a week and you have to have an appointment. One of her friends, Tamara, lent me her clothing, to which I was really grateful.

We had a lady from the session take our picture (who was running 5 minutes late to work).  I don't know who you are, but thank you, thank you for capturing this moment at the doors of such a beautiful temple!

Raining cats and dogs

On the way back home, we saw this fun sign:

Trying on Myah's sunglasses

AND, there was road construction.  On the way there, there were a lot of muddy holes, making it a little dangerous.  We almost also got in a wreck, but the semi truck in front saved us all!!!

Then on the ride back, they were plowing the mud like they plow snow in Idaho.  It was truly hilarious!  I couldn't help but lean out the window and take a quick picture.

Dinner was amazing and fabulous.  Thanks Will for taking care of dinner for us!!!

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