Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Monday, Sara, Audrey, and I got right to watching a photography DVD.  It was good, but went over things so quickly, I think that I will be reading a book on my camera.  I still just have so much that I want to learn to be able to snap those classic moments...  All in time.

That afternoon, we did more shopping for the kids. 

Monday night Will got off early.  Since we didn't have time for a birthday lunch, we decided to make it a birthday dinner at Outback Steakhouse.

For FHE that night, I played the piano for them.  It was fun to do.  Myah picked a random topic out of a jar.  The topic happened to be 'good friends.'  Needless to say, Sara and I couldn't even look at each other.  I was fighting back tears the whole time.  It was a very nice lesson.

Tuesday, we set out to find a place for a pedicure.  We ended up at Gala Nails, where there were a bunch of Asians.  It was great to have that done.  Sara was so surprised at what came off of my feet, but I wasn't.  (So glad I didn't get a picture of that!!!  LOL!) 

Finished up more shopping... and just spent time with Sara.  I worked on trying to get everything ready to repack as well.

I made the kids get their picture taken.  They are beautiful children!!!

Myah, Ethan, Chase, and Kaden

Will had to work late that night, which made it all the better that we did dinner on Monday.

The girls had a pedicure night.  Since I had just had mine done, I watched.  But with every girls night, you know the conversation will be amazing.  It has been such a relief that I was able to meet her friends and know that there are people that will take care of her if needed.  (Hope you guys are up for the challenge!!!)

 Lori, Sara, Nicole, Audrey

Our toes

Being silly

Got back to their house and took some pictures of our Aero shirts.  We were trying to hold the camera out and then we got the timer.  It was late at night and I kept blinking ...

Sara and I stayed up until after 1.  We were both feeling a bit sad, I am sure.  Will offered me to stay another week.  I knew I couldn't and that inevitably I would have to leave anyways.  

Wednesday morning was really sad.  I tried to hold it together the best I could.  Sara cried a little and had glossy eyes.  I bought doughnuts for the kids to say goodbye.  I didn't get a picture, but Will and I left at 5:45 am.  Once I got through airport security and I knew that Will was gone, I totally lost it.  Everyone was staring at me ... It was sad because I didn't want to say goodbye to such good friends.  

On the plane to come home

Flight home was much like how it was going... LONG!  But oh so worth it to be able to see those you love!

Love you Will, Sara, Ethan, Myah, Kaden, and Chase! You are the best friends family anyone could ever ask for!  God be with you 'til we meet again!

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