Monday, May 14, 2012


Saturday was spent with a little bit of shopping (we exchanged a few shirts and started looking for something to get my kids and husband).  Night is definitely not the time to go to the mall.  It was a little scary, but we made it.

We were walking through the mall, and I got so excited to see these:

Can you tell what they are? (Click on picture to enlarge it you need to)

I thought that this would have been fun to bring home ... just a little interested on how I would get them there.

We also spent a good time of the day baking and getting ready for Mother's Day.  I made potato rolls, peanut butter oaties, and coconut chewies.  Everything turned out delicious (at least that's what they told me.)  Sara made her famous carrot cake. 

Sunday, Will made breakfast for us which included hashbrowns, bacon, and eggs.  I very much enjoyed that.  They gave me a beautiful card and Brandon sent a card to Will too just for me.  It was a special day.  They truly did spoil me with a pedicure and chocolate.  (Myah - those are one of my favorite kinds of chocolate.)

Sara receiving homemade gifts: 
A book of poems with pictures from Myah

A placemat from Kaden with the traditional hand print poem

There ward was fun and like a typical ward.  The topics for sacrament (priesthood and the Book of Mormon) were not my favorite for this special Sunday.  And their sacrament water wasn't very good.  But Relief Society was great!  It was the first time that I have been to Relief Society since February (stake stuff and subbing in Primary).  We also received a rose ... it was kind of funny because they skipped over me.  But Sara took care of it.  

We also had the Dye's (Tyson had to work) over for dinner (steak - yum) and Dori over for dessert, the carrot cake. 

It was a different Mother's Day for sure, but it was still nice.  Sunday was the hardest day being away from the kids.  I finished off the night by skyping with my husband and kids which was the best way to end the day.  Kate cried and I tried my best to hold it together.  I sure have a great family!

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