Sunday, May 13, 2012


I submitted this essay and these pictures to honor my mom on Mother's Day!  Thanks mom for everything you have done, the example that you have set, and for the love that you give.  You are the best mother!  Happy Mother's Day!

Every little girl always wants to be just like their mom.  My mom has always been a role model to me.  But last year, she did more than inspire me.  She taught me about perseverance.   

My mom, Cindy Jensen, did everything to help her children succeed.  She decorated every birthday cake, sewed matching dresses, and helped with our school projects, even if that meant catching bugs.  Devoted to helping others, she became a nurse.  Now with families of our own, she answers cooking and medical questions, and even gets on the floor to color, play cars, or paint fingernails.  

On May 14, 2011, in a road bike race, she clipped the back of another tire and landed on her knee.  This devastating crash left her with 14 screws, 2 plates, and a bone graft in her left knee plus a broken thumb.  Once running a hundred miles a minute, her life after the accident came to a screeching halt.  

The pain from physical therapy was bearable because she knew it would give her what she wanted most: her life back.  She progressed from walker to crutches, from one crutch to a cane, and now a brace.  

Recovery is a slow process, but that didn’t slow her down.  Almost one year later, my mom is still my hero.  She continues to do what others say she can’t.  Through it all, she has continued to persevere without complaints.  She inspires me and those around her by doing hard things. 

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