Monday, May 21, 2012


Taking family pictures is crazy.

First, you have to decide who you will go with.  This is complicated ... and did I mention expensive.  I have this thing where I really, really want to have updated pictures once a year and that it's worth the cost.  Brandon has this thing where we have a nice camera and 'could' do some ourselves and make them look okay.

What if you pay for pictures and then you really don't love them?  I've done that before.  Infact, they never made it on the blog let alone the wall.  Hard to know who is going to match your family's style and attitude without charging you one of your children.

Second, you have to coordinate outfits.  Not matchy, matchy ... just coordinating.  And make sure that no one is going to be washed out, right?

Lastly, and probably most important, after your appointment is made, money set aside, and outfits are arranged, you have to get ready for the pictures.  Hair done.  Check.  Faces washed.  Check.  Pray for happy children.  Check and check.  Run out the door.

Here is the product of the 3 points above in our last family shoot.  Brandon was patient and let me hire a photographer.  The children were happy.  It went quickly.  And the results will be on my wall!!!  Thank you AK Photographie!  We are SO happy!

Side note here:  And when you are rushing out the door, you totally don't realize that you are not wearing shoes, but instead some RED flipflops that will TOTALLY stand out.  Go me!

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