Friday, May 4, 2012


This fast fact Friday is about TV.  Just for fun, I went back to see some of the best of the 1980s TV shows.  Here are a few that I watched and loved:

The Cosby Show
Doogie Howser MD
Family Matters
The Golden Girls (still watch re run sometimes)
Growing Pains
Murphy Brown
Perfect Stangers
Saved by the Bell
Who's the Boss?
Full House
Prince of Bel Air

1.  If you could be a character in a TV show, who would you be? (You would live, dress, act like them.)
Oh man!  I don't know.  On the spot, I would say Rebecca Donaldson on Full House was always beautiful and dressed nicely and professionally.  She carried herself well and always smiled.  Good choice?

2.  What TV family best describes your family?
Another hard one.  Every family has a problem and fixes it.  I guess I would say Growing Pains... at least by the sound of the name it really sounds like what our house is like.  We disagree and argue, but then get along better ... not just in 1/2 hour!!!

3.  What was your favorite Saturday morning cartoon as a kid?
Oh, I loved the Smurfs!  Such a fun cartoon!

4.  What reality TV show would you want to be in?  (Even if you don’t watch it.)
Biggest Loser.  LOVE that show and would love the opportunity to get my butt kicked and puke in a bowl there!

5.  What was your favorite TV theme song as a kid?
Friends theme song has been my favorite since High School.  Before that it was probably Growing Pains or Full House.

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