Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Do you know the stories of how an orange shirt and a pair of green flip flops are special to me? 

An orange shirt.  It was some years ago when my husband arranged for me to go to a Stampin' Up! Regional Convention in Reno, Nevada.  The plan was to fly from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas and onto Sacramento California.  It was there that I was to meet an acquaintance, Becky.  I would stay with her family for a few days.

Unbeknownst to me (I didn't have a cell phone back then), there was a terrible accident on the freeway.  It was the only way to get to the airport in a decent amount of time.  With one side of the freeway closed, she made two urgent phone calls.

She called and asked her husband, George, to pick me up, knowing he could get through on the other side of the freeway.  He had never met me.  I had never met him.  I'm sure he asked how he would know who I was.  Short ... blonde ... Hmmm.

She called Brandon to find out what color shirt I was wearing.  He said, "Orange."

He watched for the passengers to come to the waiting area and asked the first (and only) person wearing orange, "Are you Zoey?"  I talked to Becky on her husband's phone.  She told me he was 'safe' and that she had been unable to pick me up.

I often wonder what might have happened if I had been wearing any other color besides orange.  Would he have resorted to a sign that you see in the movies with my name on it?  It was a pure coincidence that I wore that Old Navy shirt.  But now, if you see me flying, you'll see me in an orange shirt.


Zoey & Becky

Green flip flops.  My mom took me shopping for a new swimsuit after Dawson was born.  We found the right one at Fred Meyers and on our way to the cash register, we spotted a pair of green flip flops that would match the Hawaiian looking pattern on the top.  Sold!

Everyone has that special pair of shoes.  I fell in love with this particular pair of flip flops.  Not really matching any of my wardrobe, they came with me everywhere that summer.  There was really nothing special about them.  But that's how it usually is with that special pair.


Maybe it's because they did stand out.  I have never been one to 'blend in' or become part of the crowd.  I've been standing out my whole life and loving it.  

Still have them.  Still wearing them.  Hoping that they will hold out until I find another pair of green flip flops.

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