Friday, August 26, 2011


I have a feeling that the Bohneys life in Texas will be exciting. In that same token, I can't help but know that life for them will be "Before Texas" or "In Texas." Maybe ... eventually ... it will even be "After Texas." It is heartbreaking to know that I will be in the "Before Texas" category.

Little things like driving around the corner and seeing their lawn with different ornaments...

Picking up the phone just to shoot the breeze...

Escaping the house for a moment of sanity...

Knowing that I have a 'safe house' for the kids if needed...

Girls night...

They are headed to Midland, TX, close to where the 2 perpendicular lines meet.

Texas is rich in history and is a very unique state. Here are a few fun facts!

Texas is the only state to enter the U.S. by TREATY, instead of by annexation (This allows the Texas flag to fly at the same height as the US flag). It has also changed government six times (Spanish 1519-1685, French 1685-1690, Spanish 1690-1821, Mexican 1821-1836, Republic of Texas 1836-1845, United States 1845-1861, Confederate States 1861-1865, United States 1865-present.)

El Paso is closer to California than to Dallas.

The Flagship Hotel in Galveston is the only hotel in North America built over water.

The name Texas comes from the Hasini Indian word "tejas" meaning friends. Tejas is not Spanish for Texas.

The State animal is the Armadillo (An interesting bit of trivia about the armadillo is they always have four babies! They have one egg which splits into four and they either have four males or four females).

The Dallas-Fort Worth area has more residents - 5,221,801 - than 31 U.S. states. For example, Arizona has about 5.1 million residents.

Their last day here was a time to say goodbye to the friends that have become our family. Here are some pictures from Anya' phone.

Anya, Zoey, Sara, Rachel, Tami

Sara and Tami
Sara and Anya
While trying to take a picture, Will decides to answer his phone...
Will and Tyler
setting up to take a picture - I love Dawson and Kaden in this one!
Myah was having a hard time

More than anything, Myah just broke my heart. I had to grab her after these pictures and give her a hug. Of course, I was crying to, because I know how hard it will be for all of us.

Watching their van pull away.

 They stopped to say a big goodbye to Brandon too since he couldn't be at their house.

Will and Brandon

God be With You Till We Meet Again
God be with you till we meet again,
By His counsels guide, uphold you,

With His sheep securely fold you,

God be with you till we meet again.

God be with you till we meet again,
When life’s perils thick confound you,

Put His arms unfailing round you,

God be with you till we meet again.

God be with you till we meet again,
Keep love’s banner floating o’er you,
Smite death’s threat’ning wave before you,
God be with you till we meet again.
Till we meet, till we meet,

Till we meet at Jesus’ feet;
Till we meet, till we meet,
God be with you till we meet again.

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