Friday, August 19, 2011


Have you ever wondered why the TV show Home Improvement was so popular? Of course, we loved the 'cute' boys and the neighbor Wilson. It even had a show within a show "Tool Time", starring Tim, the Tool man Taylor, and his trusty side kick flannel wearing Al!!!

We like to laugh at fix it yourself type of projects. It's all funny until we are actually experiencing it and coming up with crazy fixes that work for us.

In fact, it is probably unusual if you don't have 'interesting' home repairs.

The first one that we experienced was moving in. We tried to move a couch in the basement living room. The entryway was right off the stairs with an opening about the size of a normal doorway. We had to tear it out for about double the size.

The next major one was the bathroom repair. There were a lot of problems, but the ones that top my list are the flood in my craft room and the fire while trying to weld a pipe together. Yep, those were good times.

The dishwasher has never been what I would call 'great.' But it worked and I tried not to complain. But in the last week or so, over 90% of the dishes were still dirty. It just didn't matter what setting or detergent. At my breaking point, I told Brandon my 'need.' Perhaps he was a little surprised at my forthright request.

We talked to the guy at Lowe's who was really helpful and gave us great tips and pointers on deciding which dishwasher was right for our needs. We decided on a Kitchenaid. Brandon, like any other guy, was excited about the extra power jets!

That was the fun part. But we all know that installation is not supposed to be 'fun.' We just hope it goes quickly and smoothly. The pipes were NOT 'standard.' After learning that, Brandon and I decided to fix it in the morning. We went to push the dishwasher under the counter top. I'll let you connect the dots ...

Yes, our countertops are NOT 'standard!' And, behind the counter top was a 1 by 2. Brandon really did and also does his best.

Do you know how frustrating it is? Oh, yes, I forgot ... most of you are home owners, so I am preaching to the choir.

One day, this might get fixed.

I am trying not to let the little things bother me and appreciating that the dishwasher actually cleans the dishes and my kids actually like to load and unload the dishes right now. Everything has a silver lining!

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