Sunday, August 7, 2011


I found a new website called "This is Me Challenge." The challenges are geared toward family history. So, I have decided to take the challenge and begin. (I am starting at 1 and working my way up! Hope you enjoy!)

Challenge #1 If you were forced to go back in time to the olden days, but were allowed to take 10 modern conveniences with you, what would you take?

1) Washing machine
Pre treating, spot treating, washing, rinsing, wringing. Yeah, without a washing machine, this is not for me!

2) Flushing toilets
I love having flushing toilets. I think that this would be hard to give us.

3) Electric heat
I'm sure that I would learn how to be a better fire builder, but I think I'd rather settle for heat that I can flip on with a switch.

4) Oven
I have had to go without one for a week, and it was the pits. Not having a microwave would be hard too, but doable.

5) Libraries
Have I mentioned that I LOVE books? No really, I would die if I couldn't get my hands on different printed books.

6) Click pens and pencils
In order to forgo the phone and still stay in touch with everyone, I would love to have a pen and pencil.

7) Medicine
I don't know about you, but I really like being able to take something for a headache.

8) Hot water
After doing what the pioneers did, wouldn't you just love to have a hot shower or bath? I know that I would have really missed that!

9) Camera
I really do love my camera. But more than that, being able to document for my grandkids and their grandchildren is very special.

10) Vehicles
Purely for selfish reasons, I would love to be able to have a vehicle for 'long' trips!

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