Sunday, August 21, 2011


This is Me Challenge #2
What are some choices in your life that affected where you are now?

When I think back on choices that I've made that have changed my life, I think that there are a few. Here are my top five ...

Choice #1 - Deciding to stay in Pocatello and attend ISU. It is there that I re-met Brandon at an Institute ward!

Choice #2 - Deciding not to marry Daniel (engagement #1). Years later, I am still friends with his cousin. She informed me that he is now an atheist.

Choice #3 - Not marrying Greg (engagement #2). That was a hard decision. Sometimes that hardest decision are not the easiest decisions.

Choice #4 - Giving Brandon a chance (engagement #3). He was divorced, and that was something that I never wanted. But, when things are right, things are right. I'm glad that I opened my heart to that possibility. We sure have a great time together!

Choice #5 - Switching jobs with Megan. Megan is a dear friend. I applied for a job when she worked at Gold's Gym. There wasn't an opening, but I prayed for it and it happened just a few days later. When she moved over to Sunsations, I applied for a job there and worked with her again. She moved next to Aethetics by Physicians Med Spa, and yes, I followed her over there. If I had not have followed her over there, I would probably not be as interested as I am now in completing schooling in esthetics. It is something that gets me very excited.

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