Sunday, August 14, 2011


Today is the 3 month mark for my mom's recovery. It's interesting to see how fast and slow the time has gone.

As I asked Cindy about the approaching 3 month mark, she said that she was going forward. Progress is not measured inch by inch, but by the smallest, tiniest bits. She looks at where she's come from and what she has accomplished.

When she started therapy, she was able to bend her leg 80 degrees. On Monday the 8th, she bent her leg at 115 degrees. Cindy consistently bends at 110 degrees. A normal bend is 140-145 degrees. If she can get a bend of 120 degrees, she will be able to do stairs normally and no one will ever have to know what happened. Her therapists are amazed and very happy with her progress. The next benchmark will come when she can put weight on her leg. They are hoping that August 25th will be the day that Dr. Crane gives the 'ok'.

Since therapy is so much of her life right now, I thought that it would be great to document a typically therapy day for everyone to see.

Her therapy begins with an ultrasound massage.

Electrodes next. All of these next exercises are timed on a timer for 5 minutes.

Electrode leg lifts with ankle weights. Oh joy!!!

Electrode leg lifts with weight and ball. This is getting better by the minute!!!

Electrode leg extensions.

Still smiling

From what I could tell, this part looked the most painful to me. It is called scraping.

Here is some information that I found on scraping. The theory behind scraping is to scrape the muscle or tendon so hard that it turns bright red --- actually re-injuring your injury. Scraping has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years and was called Gua Sha. In layman's terms, the blood's congested, so you want to move the congested blood out and bring fresh blood in. This also breaks up scar tissue that is trying to build up. Localized and controlled injury can actually bring more healing to the sight.

These are the tools that they use to do the scraping.

Shea butter is apply and the bigger tool is used first.

Second tool.

By the end of this, my dad and I were both wondering what it feels like and how it would feel on our legs and such.

Wall sides with a pillowcase.

Too easy this time, so let's make it more challenging.

Next, it is on to Gold's Gym where Superior Therapy takes all of their clients to use these wonderful machines.

First up here is the bike. Interestingly, the rotation of the biking movement is one of the most critical and is used a lot in leg injuries. At this point, things were not going as well as it had the previous week. 10 minutes here.

10 minutes on the rowing machine, though we stayed longer.

Doing a measurement of the degree of bend.

Next to the Max Vibe machine that vibrates back and forth. This is her heaven. She kneels and then tries to sit on the bench behind her.

Then Rego, a tech, helps to bring her leg straight while vibrating.

Next, it's back downstairs to do 2 different hip abductor machines.

With weight on this machine, it is wrapped around her leg. She brings it forward, and then back to standing position.

Calf curl on the machine. Concentration.

Leg extension machine.

Using this machine to lock back into place. Very painful.

Trying to get a final measurement for the day.

Electrodes again!

From Cindy's view point. This is a super-duper ice wrap on her leg to help with swelling.

She says that you can never do enough ... but it's all she can do! I say, "Give it all you've got!" Then you can have no regrets in the future. Cindy is incredibly strong and one of the bravest woman that I've known. I am proud to call her mom!

Her team of therapists:
Bart, Cindy, Rego, and Mike

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