Monday, August 8, 2011


Right out of the gate, I should tell you that Ang is a very creative person. And she loves, loves, loves surprises!

So it shouldn't surprise me that she would get her sister April to do a surprise for me. AND, that she would get me to do a surprise for her right back!

April put together this 'don't forget' fingers for me. So much fun because they were a bunch of random sayings that friends just know. They each start with 'remember'. It was very sweet.

Then I went hunting for wild sunflowers (finally found up trail creek) - they are her sister's favorites.

Here is the text that Ang sent me ... I put it together neatly for April!

Well, the next week, I received a small package. The card just made me smile:

And, she remembered to send me a booger (inside joke!)

Then, I start to see what else she sent me. In baggie #1 we had:
Bug spray ... nice Ang!

And in baggie #2, there were:
Cicada Shells!

Talk about being mortified! So, I immediately text her and ask: "What in the world did u send me?!?!"

I KNOW at this point she was laughing SO hard because she texted her reply, "A little piece of Kansas! LOL!"

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