Friday, August 12, 2011


If you've noticed that posts have been fewer and farther between, you probably have a few guesses as to why. One is that I have been working extra to cover on vacations and such. And the second, yes, CHICKENS!!! They are getting so big.

The kids play 90% of the time outside, taking care of the chickens. I am afraid that they are going to be really attached!

They are everywhere!

Kids making a resting area for them in the coop.

The other day, we even lost a chicken under the fence. No worries, we got 'Marshmallow' back.

Zebra has a broken talon (aka toe). Faith and her friend Kristin carry her around in a red jacket everyday.

We are working hard to build the coop before fall hits and the chickens start their egg laying. After searching for the best chicken coops, we picked one that we liked, but we didn't have a pattern. They did however, have plenty of pictures. And so we set out, full throttle to build and paint this fabulous chicken coop.

We have now discovered a flaw, which is leading to a hiccup in the building process. The flooring should have had notches cut out where the 2x4s were, so we are 2 inches short ...

We are working on improvisations at this point. Here is one option that we are currently looking into.

Our work in progress ...

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