Monday, January 20, 2014


Typical of Warth fashion, we arrived just a minute before the sacrament prayer was said. This is one of those sacrament meeting that completely and totally was for me though! The sacrament speakers bore testimony about gratitude.

Kara went first and told a story about her engagement. She set up a countdown to their wedding in his apartment on evening. She waited for him to mention it. Each day that passed, she was a little more upset and angry that her finance didn't thank her for doing that. She thought, how could she marry a man who was ungrateful. Finally, she asked him about it and he thought it was his roommates. Then, she said that she had an ah-ha moment where she wondered how often we don't see what Heavenly Father has done for us. Are we ungrateful for what we have been given? When we recognize our blessings, do we give thanks?

Then the high councilman told a story about gratitude. Throughout his married life, he changed jobs often. In a 5 year period, they had moved 9 times, including out of state moves. It was difficult for him. In 2008, he lost another job and went to his Bishop to relay the information as well as get advice about what he should do. He knew of one job at a call center. When the Bishop asked him about any jobs he might know of, the high councilman mentioned this job, but knew it was not something that he would take. He figured that he would look for a month minimum before decided on a job. He was surprised then, when the Bishop, offering his advice, stated that by the end of the week, he would like to hear about his new job.

Knowing in his heart, he wouldn't take this job, he told his wife what the Bishop had told him ... and to his surprise, his wife supported the Bishop's advice. He took the call center job, and knew that as soon as something better came up, he would take it! The timing was a start of an economic recession, and now 5 years later, he has that same job. It has been the first time in his life he has had steady income. Others that have been more qualified remained out of work for months and even years. He is so grateful for the advice of the Bishop which has changed his life and the life of his family.

Because it was so beautiful (63 degrees), we ate lunch and headed up to hike the highest peak in Topeka.

First sight was a tornado shelter. Literally, in the middle of nowhere! Talk about interesting!

 Rob holding open this heavy door

Walking inside

Kids exploring too

This is a look inside of the shelter

We walked ahead a little

Climbing up the stairs to the top

The overlook was beautiful ... and pretty flat

In Sunday School, we talked about the beautiful creations. One sister mentioned that she said that Kansas has the bluest skies and that when you live there, you forget how beautiful they are. I found the skies to be quite amazing because you can see it going on forever and ever! Definitely not something that you see in Idaho.

With my favorite girl

My favorite Kansans!!! (Yes, I had to look up what you call people from Kansas.)

I had to capture their feet in shoes as well - Sierra, Rob, and Robbie

Seeing fossils and all sorts of cool stuff up in the rocks

The kids had fun jumping between the rocks




The kids were fighting as we were getting their picture as we left the park - it was just so awesome!

Reunited and it feels SO good! Really! I love this lady!!!

P.S. I think that we ate deer for dinner. It was delicious!!!

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