Friday, January 17, 2014


I slept in that morning because my body was SO jet lagged. I'm talking at 1:00 am, I was still bright eyed and bushy tailed!

9:30 felt so good to get rolling out of bed. (I'll admit that I read a couple of chapters of books on my kindle each morning. One perk of vacationing without children!)

The first person that I met was dear Sally, who helped Ang decide good areas of Topeka Kansas to move to, while picking up Remington from preschool! She was so sweet and we hugged!!! We talked for just a minute, during which I found out that she put together a book club about 2 years ago and they were meeting that night. When I asked what book they read, she said, "The Book Thief!" I just about let out a squeal. You see, I was missing a bunch of things (Spa party (I'm the manager), New Beginnings with Faith, and the book club that was discussing The Book Thief) while I was in Kansas. I, of course, invited myself to it knowing that this was a tender mercy just for me!

After picking up Rob from work, we tried out Jose Peppers, which was a great Mexican restaurant.

We then headed to the local Goodwill store to find something tacky to wear to the tacky party. Unfortunately, I kept finding the cute stuff!!!

It was actually pretty fun to go looking for the very worst out there!!! See how excited Ang was!!!

Here are the final picks - my sweater, a matching outfit for Ang complete with 80s shoulder pads, a polyester jacket and green ugly pants for Rob!

Remington was such a good sport about all of the shopping! He was so fun to have around!

Here's the cute stuff I found, but I only purchased the striped hoodie shirt (Calvin Klein brand new with tags for $3.99 and the orange shirt brand new as well with tags for $1.99).

I made a delicious chicken pot pie (2 of them) for dinner that evening. My cooking went over so well that Sierra, Robbie, and Bridger all had 3 regular slices each!!! Talk about shocking!

After dinner, Ang drove me to the book club which was at Sally's house! It was so fun to discuss this book with these lovely ladies! I rated the book a 9 for those of you who are interested, but also with a 6 tissue ending. We discuss characters, quotes, and so much more while having great treats! Thanks Sally for letting us come to your group! (Sally is hugging me!)

Another fun thing was that Sally's family has a labradoodle, Jimmy. So they let me take a picture with him! He is a sweet, busy dog!!!

Whew!!! Day #1 complete!

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