Friday, January 24, 2014


My tradition orange shirt (this is the one that I bought at the good will while I was in Topeka.)

I had plenty of time waiting in the airport, but this allowed me to read, which is one of my favorite vacation things to do! I didn't really talk much on the trip to Denver, but I did sit next to a dad and a baby on the flight from Denver to Salt Lake City. The girl was so cute and I enjoyed our conversation!

I received this text with Ang when she crossed over to Kansas again to go home.

Arriving in Salt Lake City, it took over 45 minutes from the time we exited the plane to the time that our luggage arrived. It was crazy and I've never experienced anything like that! Amy was SO sweet to pick me up, but on the way to her house, we managed to take a wrong turn. The fog was really thick. I'm talking like going 35 on the freeway and still not seeing anything. I was pretty worried to drive home, but decided to take a chance and turn around if it didn't get better soon after Farmington. And it cleared up nicely.

The crazy thing is that I went from before the Idaho line to right before the first exit for Pocatello with not passing anyone and no one passing me! It was the most boring drive I've ever taken!!! But, home sweet home to my husband and kids! Thanks for letting me visit Kansas Brandon! It was so sweet of you!!!

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