Thursday, January 2, 2014


Unfinished. I have a lot of different projects that have remained that way for several years. When I thought of goals for 2014, I immediately thought that this would be such a weight off my shoulders. This year, my goal is to finish these projects!

My list (to start) is as follows:

*Christmas stockings - Dawson and Kate have lived with store bought stockings. I made beautiful stockings for Brandon, Faith, and myself. I bought Bucilla kits awhile ago to make for Dawson and Kate (I think in 2007). Dawson's is close (just his name and a couple more embellishments), and I just started Kate's in December. Her's has over 120 pieces, so I know that it's going to take awhile...

*Kate's cross stitch for her room - For each child, I have made a cross stitch with their birth date, height, and weight. I bough Kate's and started hers in 2007 and hope to finish hers. It is of a bear ... so the whole thing is a dozen shades of brown! I don't go for the easy stuff!

*Cookbook - This was started in 2008. I volunteered to put together recipes from each of my sisters so that we would have another family cookbook. I think the original plan was to give it for Christmas. Then we were going to push it back for Mother's Day. And here we are. I am going to print off what I have and give it to each of them.

*Books - I started reading the 3rd book of The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan in 2012. It is called The Dark and Hollowed Places. I just couldn't get into it, but I'm not a quitter. That and I've had my friend and neighbor's book for too long. Time to return it!

I also started a book on my kindle in May 2012 when I was coming back from Texas. It is called A Touch of Magic by Gregory Mahan.

SPOILER ALERT for neighbors and friends!
*Christmas spiders - I started ornaments for our friends and neighbors in 2007 or 2008 as well. (This must of been the years of "Let's start something we can't finish in a reasonable amount of time!") I love this Ukrainian tradition. November 2013 I decided that I wanted to finish these and set out to buy the rest of the beads along with finishing the spider webs. Unfortunately, my attempt to buy beads ended in failure. So, I will continue this search and hope to finish them early this year!!!

This is all I can think of, but it's a pretty good list and a good start to clearing off projects! I promise to post progress when they are completed!

So maybe you have an unfinished project too? Or maybe a couple like me? My challenge to you in 2014 is to finish one project! If you are using this as a goal, make sure that you write it down! Then when you finish

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