Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Brandon had been pondered about changing our electronic situation for over a month. Here is a snapshot of a typical day. Brandon and I would retreat to our bedroom right after dinner each night. Right after school, Dawson would hop on the laptop, Faith would get on the front computer, and Kate would grab the iPad. He didn't want to listen to the thought that kept entering his mind. He knew that our whole family would struggle with the change and that it would not be fun. Brandon felt that he didn't do something that we would all turn into vegetables, especially the kids.

His original thought was to put an apple tv and monitor in our bedroom. But he realized that it wouldn't fix the problem of retreating to our bedroom instead of spending time with the family. He knew there was a serious issue if he was spending less time on electronics than anyone else in our family. But that thought in his mind kept coming back.

Right after Christmas, he laid it all out on the table to me. I didn't want to listen, but I knew he was right, so I didn't give much resistance. Brandon was totally shocked! We held a family counsel to discuss what was going to happen. The change was going to take place on Wednesday, January 1st. We are installing timers on the electronics when school gets back in. But, again somewhat surprisingly, the kids were okay with it.

Faith made a list called, "Things to do that don't involve looking at a screen." It currently has over 60 things on it! We hope that they will get out more to play with friends, learn new things, and work on Personal Progress, Scouts, reading, etc. There is so much more to do than electronics!!!

Here is our master bedroom just like a normal day before the change.

After the change.

And our new set up in the living room. 2 monitors, printer, etc.

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