Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. day, so NO SCHOOL!!! I wanted to do something that my husband doesn't totally love (because I'm planning on coming back to Topeka again!) It was another beautiful day, so we headed out to visit the zoo! I know, in January! Apparently, it's open year round. The zoo, I should mention, is "World Famous!" (If you've read The Walk Series, you'll understand what I mean.)

I didn't really take pictures of the animals because they all look the same to me at each zoo. Ang has trained her kids to take pictures at certain spots in the zoo and it was just too much fun that they have them memorized.

Our first stop was orangutans and the gorillas. We were fascinated by Tiffany, a gorilla who loves children's books, magazine, and who lost her husband. She really hasn't been the same since. It happened to be lunch time, so we watched her eat. She's picky like me... Here is what she ate and the order of how she ate it.
Tomato, carrot, sweet potato. She tossed out the onion, then ate broccoli, green bell pepper, cucumber, before picking up the onion again and eating it as she peeled the layers off one at a time. We stood there for a good 7-10 minutes! So fun!!!

Picture central

I'm a lion tamer!!!

I still can't help it with the storm shelters that are everywhere ... including the mall!

Gotta love flamingos just walking around the bird exhibit.

My arm span length compared to a gorilla. How'd I do???

Giraffes - Can I tell you about the best business markup I've ever seen in my life? It's here with the giraffes at the "World Famous" Topeka Zoo. They have feeding times for the giraffes. You can feed the giraffes for $1. Not bad right? It's like a once in a lifetime type of thing that you can do and even capture on camera. Here's the catch. It's for one piece of a lettuce head. Next catch? The giraffe eats it so quickly, that you have to get another piece of lettuce to capture this once in a lifetime moment. $2 for one piece of lettuce. To help the zoo! In addition to your admission! Still shaking my head that we paid $10 for 1 second of joy!!!






After our visit to the "World Famous" Topeka Zoo, we headed to the park just directly across the street. Getting a picture with the word Topeka here in front of a cute railroad station store.

Then, true to form, Ang remembered our great Ragnar moment of our bucket list items. One on my list? To ride a camel. And here I did it! Too bad it's not alive? I will say that I got stuck and it was quite interesting getting out between the camel's 2 humps.

Dinner was buffalo burgers and this was probably my favorite meal the entire visit! (It was all good Warths, but this lean meat was just SO good!) Sierra did a great family home evening and talked about Nephi building the boat. So for dessert? Banana splits with Blue Bell Ice Cream (probably "World Famous" as well). I've heard about this from the Bohneys as well and both kinds were absolutely delicious (guilty face)! 

Thank you for another great day Warth family! You really know how to treat your guests!!!

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