Thursday, January 16, 2014


The day after Christmas, I was cleaning out my inbox when I noticed that Cheap Tickets had sent me an email alerting me of inexpensive flights to Kansas City. I talked to Brandon about how cool it would be to go to Kansas and visit Ang! He basically said that he didn't care if I went. I immediately started texting Ang and she seemed shocked... and assured me that I didn't want to visit in January. My response? "Apparantley, no one does, because this price is too good to pass up!" Hopefully she didn't feel like she had to have me come visit! SO, with one final approval from Brandon, my wild hair crazy self clicked the mouse and my tickets were purchased!

It's funny how incredibly fast those 3 weeks went. Really, really fast! Amy drove me to the airport and off I went. As I got up to board the airplane, my ID and debit card were just sitting on the seat. Not sure how that happened, but grateful that I looked down before I left my sitting area!!!

My thing to do on an airplane in my orange shirt is to take pictures... So, here is my latest selfie! I'm sure I get looks, but I just can't help it!

I was lucky enough to sit by 2 beautiful ladies from SLC to Denver - Jill and Jenn. They were so sweet and I really connected with Jenn and her husband John. We ate a quick bite in Denver and had the same flight into Kansas City, MO. So, so much fun! It was a bit of a wait for luggage, so we were also able to visit while in the airport again. 

In typical Warth fashion, the fam was late picking me up. I didn't mind at all as I was able to read some more in my book (I love my kindle for flying!) and visit with Jenn and John until their ride came.

We drove to Topeka in the dark and had such a great time visiting! After a long day of travel (I left Pocatello around 9:30) and arrived in Topeka probably about 10:00 pm, I couldn't wait to hit the sack! Imagine my surprise when at 1:00 am, I was still awake! Crazy what travel can do to your sleep!

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