Thursday, January 23, 2014


Wednesday was an early start of the day. This is a day that I somewhat dreaded, because I hate leaving such good friends. Loaded up and were on the road by 7:15 am. The plan for today? Temple, Liberty Jail, and if time, Independence Missouri.

The freeway was good for the rush hour. The Warths honk their horn every time they cross a state line. Hello Missouri!

On the way to the temple, Ang mentioned that everyone gets pulled over when they go to the temple. And guess what happened? We got pulled over in a school zone! What saved us was that we had Kansas plates plus Ang has not changed her driver's license (it still says Idaho)! Okay. And maybe that she has a Boise State sticker on her vehicle. It worked out okay and we still made the session with a couple of minutes to spare.

The temple was amazing and great to go with Ang! I was surprised that it is actually pretty good, including clothing rental. The Kansas City Missouri temple! Everything in the building has the olive leaf and tree, representing the peace that will happen between the saints and the persecution they experienced and do experience in this area.

After the temple, we headed to Liberty Jail, which is just a couple minutes away from the temple. It was super cool and we were the first visitors of the day (we came around 11.) Crazy, huh?

What a neat experience to see the actual part of the jail where Joseph Smith stayed for several months. The sister that took us on the tour did such an amazing job. She thought that we were so young, and laughed when Ang said she had 4 children. She just about died when I told her I had a 13 year old. It still doesn't feel real to me either dear Sister!

It was such a spiritual experience and something that was icing on the cake for my amazing vacation to Kansas and Missouri! Quick drive through lunch at Chic-Fil-A and back to the airport where we had to inhale smoke for 5 minutes. I held it all together for our hug marathon and goodbyes (this is pretty impressive for me! Just ask Will!)

Yes, this is Ang's serious face!!!

Love this woman!

I can't wait to see you again dear friend! Remember who you are!!!

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